Agnian - Digital Design and Strategy Firm

Agnian - Digital Design and Strategy Firm

Agnian - Digital Design and Strategy Firm

Design that Performs

Solutions that look good and work hard.

One Site Fits All

Responsive websites that feel just right on every page

Start-up Lab

Turn your idea into a viable product.

Optimize your gears

Climb up in the results delivered by search engines.



We develop smart sites and applications. Our developers have deep skills in both front-end and back-end development to support the needs of our clients.

We have built applications based on open source frameworks, including Drupal, Wordpress, Ushahidi, and MediaWiki. Our expertise includes PHP, Python, MySql, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, node.js, d3.js, and many other cool frameworks and platforms.

We are followers of Lean Startup approach and are focusing on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to help entrepreneurs and established companies to build products and solutions that really address the needs of their customers. We are using Agile development process and prefer to release early, iterate, listen to customer feedback, focus on bug fixing early on, and improve constantly.

Mobile & Touch

Your website will look just right on every device! We develop responsive sites for best viewing experience with minimum resizing and scrolling. 

You will have pixel perfect and beautiful digital presence on:

  • touch screens
  • large screens
  • tablets
  • smartphones


We design for the user and for the content. Our designers help with full stack of design, including branding, user experience and graphic design.

Our team aims to deliver projects with fresh and innovative designs, which are at the same time very functional and usable for the users.

We help our clients with:

  • Branding development
  • Logo design
  • User interface and user experience
  • Mobile and touch screen design

Social Media Integration

Social media is a great way to encourage engagement with your brand.

In all our projects we make sure that your website is technically prepared for starting search engine optimisation, for example by having correct SEO tagging.

After the launch of the website we may guide you to start marketing your online business through social media websites. We have strong experience in helping websites to climb to the top places in Google and other engines search results. We focus on:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Performance Optimization

We understand that it is critical that your website is up and running, especially when you are doing well and lots of people come to visit you!

We can help you to:

  • scale your online business and applications
  • optimize your website to make it light and easy loading
  • make your website valid and accessible according to W3C requirements

Solutions & Apps

We solve difficult problems and improve performance. We have experience of creating solutions for both our clients and our own projects, including:

  • Content management systems
  • E-commerce & payment solutions
  • Travel and booking portals
  • Conference and reservation systems
  • Document management systems
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Open source solutions (Drupal, Magento, Ushahidi, Wordpress)


We think sharing is important - so we want to share our knowledge. We provide training on:

  • Using Drupal to build and scale websites - we teach beginners and expert web professionals on the best ways of using Drupal to support their business in the long-term
  • Using Drupal to build minimum viable products (MVP) - we train teams, startups and companies on building their products using lean startup approach
  • UX, graphics design, search engine optimisation (SEO) - we provide bespoke trainings for designers, developers, marketers and managers

In addition, we provide training as part of website development projects: for you to be able to manage your site proficiently. We will train you to be able to manage your content (pages, menus, graphics, video, banners), promote and manage your website on social networks, embed content from other websites, and manage users.

Strategy & Consulting

Need advice or help? We are here to support you and your business.

We offer business expertise coupled with design, creativity and technical expertise. Our approach is to start with identifying your needs and then applying best available technology solutions to shape your business for the future. We have helped our clients in ecommerce, health, travel, education, human resources, and public services sectors.

We will help you with:

  • conducting market research and identifying your problems
  • developing technology and digital strategy
  • proposing web solutions to address the identified problems
  • developing requirements and specifications
  • implementing solutions


We work with you to make your website secure and reliable.

We constantly update our backend systems with the latest security releases to ensure minimum vulnerability. When security issues are found we aim to fix them on the same day.





Canary Wharf Group - Smart City Accelerator



Membership club for finance community



Innovation delivery and ecosystem creation consultancy



Accelerator based in London's Canary Wharf financial district



One of the largest telecom operators in Russia & Europe



Investment brokerage



Management Consulting



Fashion design brand


Portal focused on Armenian music



Jewelry producer


Cosmetics products



Japanese restaurant

Case Study

Case Study

Level39 Canary Wharf Group


London Business School



About us

About us

Agnian is a full-service digital agency and a startup accelerator with offices in London, UK and Yerevan, Armenia.

We are a team of strategists and developers, designers and product managers, UX specialists and marketers. We bring together design, development and strategy to build strong products and beautiful experiences. We partner with large corporates and support early stage startups. We also create and launch our own products.

We are passionate about creating sites that are both smart and beautiful. We are building a range of things - social networks, portals, news and corporate sites.

We use our experience in building our own products to become a true partner to entrepreneurs, startups and established companies. We design, code and market to build products and solutions. We focus on building minimum viable products (MVP) that really focus on customer needs and problems.

Our team has extensive experience across the full range of web-related services - from business consultancy through to software development. We have successfully partnered with companies in the UK, Switzerland, Russia, Armenia, Croatia, Singapore, United States, Germany, Georgia and other countries.



Agnian is trusted by organizations just like yours...

It is extremely difficult to find a team of web designers that you can trust to provide top quality, original and well constructed work. Agnian are that team, and they deliver time and time again. I would urge anyone to use them, and to keep using them.

Ben Goldsmith

Agnian has gone above and beyond our expectations. They delivered an incredibly professional website in a very short timeframe. They have been extremely diligent and efficient, meeting all of our deadlines throughout the entire process. Agnian helped make our marketing campaign wildly successful. We would recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference Team
London Business School

The team at Agnian is highly capable and creative - they clearly understood our desired positioning and messaging, and proposed a suitable and scalable solution. A quality digital presence, delivered on time and on budget.

Pierre Hennes, VP Business Development
Sentec Scientific

Agnian was the right choice for us and the team kept surprising us with their eager approach and genuine passion for the project. We were also very pleased with their aftercare service, working with our team to make sure last minute changes and amendments were carried out. Overall it was a pleasant experience to work with Agnian and we will make use of their services in the future too. 

Hasmik Movsisian, Managing Director
Music of Armenia

We got from Agnian a professional fully-featured CMS, which was easy-to-use with straightforward site-management, flexible with customizable design and architecture, and robust allowing rapid site assembly. All the results were satisfying and in particular we appreciate the professionalism of Agnian's staff, their knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity.

Nouneh Sarkissian, Managing Director
Media Initiatives Center

We are very pleased with the design of the website and quality of the services we received. Agnian approached our work with strong enthusiasm and flexibility. They have provided us with content update and management services, site administration training, site optimization, and search engine analysis.

Arsen Zoryan, Executive Director
Cop Copine Armenia

Agnian carried out all aspects of the website's development to include layout and graphic design. They also provided responsive support services during both the website development phase and also, post-launch. We are very pleased with the output produced by Agnian and satisfied with their service relationship with us.

Mary Ivers, Alumni Relations Manager
London Business School
Our Clients

Our Clients

Rostelecom Rostelecom
Granatus Ventures Granatus Ventures
European Commission European Commission
Music of Armenia Music of Armenia
Mary Kay Mary Kay
Sentec Sentec
Jinishian Memorial Foundation Jinishian Memorial Foundation
Media Initiative Center Media Initiative Center
Open Society Foundation Open Society Foundation
UMCOR Armenia UMCOR Armenia
Wasabi Sushi Wasabi Sushi
Armenbrok Armenbrok
Cop Copine Cop Copine
Eurasia Partnership Foundation Eurasia Partnership Foundation
Government of Armenia Government of Armenia
British Embassy British Embassy
London Business School London Business School
The World Bank The World Bank
EV Consulting EV Consulting



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