Digital has changed your industry. 


Meeting ever-increasing consumer expectations requires senior executives to place design at the center of business strategy,
McKinsey & Company


Engage your customers with the fastest and most intuitive UI and UX.

68 %
of customers will leave because they believe you don't care about them.
Smashing Magazine


Make a positive impression in the digital world with a sleek, modern and engaging brand image.

228 %
is the extraordinary outperformance of design-led companies over the S&P


Maintain a heavy emphasis on development and build a strong technical architecture to support your vision.

We aim to become a true tech partner to founders, startups and corporates.



Achieve a powerful performance, reliable content delivery and aim to remove bugs. 

of customers are less likely to purchase a product if the website performance is poor


Once you have a product that you love, launch it across different platforms and devices.


We are geeks with the right processes - agile, sprints, git, push, pull, and finally...



We will schedule online personal trainings for your team that will be running the digital publishing and business strategy.


Expert internet marketing training and online publishing strategy coaching is critical for business success.


If you’re ever having issues with your website or app or if you would like to add unique features - Agnian is here to help.

Do you want to stay visible, engage and connect with your customers? Then you need to maintain your web and mobile presence.


"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail"

Giorgio Armani 


Agnian offers business expertise accompanied by design, creativity, and technical experience.

After identifying your needs we will apply the best available tech solutions to shape your business for the future. Once we isolate your target audience, we will work with you to evaluate existing content and assets, conduct preliminary research, and finally establish a workflow for structuring and designing your website.


From designing a database structures to setting up required server workflow processes, Agnian’s experienced team will ensure that your digital product is built effectively and functions smoothly across all devices.

Your apps and websites should work seamlessly. That’s why we employ a formal quality assurance process to test for bugs, defects, browser compatibility and other issues. This process includes integration of the initial content for quality assurance, testing for usability, bug resolution, browser and W3C compatibility, as well as optimisation for the website and server speed and performance.

We are experienced in mobile apps for iOS and Android and extensively develop CMS’s like Drupal, Wordpress, Ushahidi and Media Wiki. We are skilled in PHP, Python, Mysql, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 as well as many other frameworks and platforms. We also focus on SEO and SEM.


Agnian doesn’t just build apps and sites. We look for digital solutions that will enhance your business - no matter what form they come in.

From iOS and Android apps to unique ecommerce systems, Agnian’s team is capable of developing a variety of digital platforms for your company. Depending on the kind of problem you are trying to solve, we’ll work closely with your team and strive to understand the complexity of your customers’ needs.

After careful brainstorming and planning, we’ll provide you with a variety of solutions that will enable you to run your business and communicate with users more smoothly and effectively.


When designing interfaces we use an iterative approach and collaborate with your team to create the ideal site structure, wireframes, layout and navigation for your digital platform. Every step of our process considers the usability of the final product and strives for a seamless experience for the user.

Our team of designers will consider your brand values and existing guidelines to develop an extraordinary visual identity. This brand image will be implemented all throughout your digital product and will ensure that your site not only engages but also converts visitors. At this stage we will develop logos, brand elements, a suitable color scheme, font guidelines, landing pages designs, unique artwork, and other visual elements.


Every Agnian project is built with security in mind. We carefully consider the needs of your digital platform and its users, and thus integrate security measures for an easy and pleasant experience.

What’s more, as you put your new digital product to use, you will have our continued support. Our team provides ongoing technical support, implements website security updates, develops and implements design changes, and carries out functionality updates when needed.

If you want to work with us and build your digital business, please